Erwon Energy Ltd (P): A leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Equipments in the field of Pond Purification equipment’s, aeration equipment’s, Water Fountain equipment’s,  Musical Fountain equipment’s,  and Water and Light Show equipment’s. We are also a renowned turnkey  Project Executer in Pond Beautification Projects, Outdoor Fountain Project, Lake and Pond Aeration Projects, Indoor Water Fountain,  Musical Fountain,  Sound, Water & Light Show.  Our multiple features oriented nozzles and Lights are our USP.

Expertise: Erwon Energy’s team of Experts is providing Plan, Design, Appropriate Water Effects with consultation with project authorities. Our Team with the help of R&D team of Manufacturing Unit of the Company, Brings out the best concepts with minimal cost and minimal energy Consumption. Erwon Energy’s team is well equipped and experienced to undertake the planning and designing of each fountain as per the requirement of the client. We do take under consideration the physical status of the site, Dust particles suspension in air, water quality, power requirement etc.

Manufacturing Unit: Our MSME Export Oriented MSME Manufacturing unit is registered with Government of India and quality Certified with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.

Network: Erwon Energy with his efficient network of experts,  working on turnkey projects executions of these services all over the country.

Services: Erwon Energy is a known manufacturer of  Premium Quality Water Fountain and Aeration equipment. We mostly undertake turnkey projects of construction and installation of such fountains.  We mostly undertake R&D works very seriously in taking uses of  power consumption in running of fountain.  Our cost of installation is also very competitive and quality is very premium. We are using best available modern technologies in working on any project. We are working on multiple projects, spread over various states in India.

 Floating Fountain: Our Floats in floating fountains designs are best in its category with 36 different sizes and shapes. We make these fountains which are very unique in designs and features.